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Parcel International is part of Tailormade Logistics Europe (TALE). With establishments in the Netherlands, Belgium, China, Germany and the United States of America, Parcel International has created a vast network since it started in 2007.

Using the newest and best technology we offer our clients a way to book shipments for the lowest costs and the best service. Using our platform you can instantly book and ship with the best carriers such as UPS, FedEx, TNT, etc.

Parcel International is at your service!


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Parcel International offers you an online solution for all your shipments / logistical needs. It does not matter if you wish to transport a document, package, pallet, container or a combination of these, we can help you.

Registering enables you to access our rates that we have negotiated with the carriers, which means you do not need to have your own contract anymore. You benefit through volume sharing. Registering for an account is free and using our services is without any obligations and best of all there are no monthly subscription fees.

The online booking tool allows you to ship your documents, packages or pallets, and gives you the option to compare carriers based on service and type. Which carrier you choose is entirely up to you. Ship your package for a low price but with a longer transit time or a higher price with a faster service, all of this is possible using our booking tool.

Parcel International offers you an overview of all your shipments you have booked using our service. All your shipments can be tracked and traced 24 hours a day!

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Frequently asked questions

Which carriers can i use?

Through Parcel International you can use several carriers. We offer services of several well-known express carriers like TNT, FedEx, UPS and DPD. In addition we also have several road freight carriers, airfreight and sea freight carriers for all of your larger shipments.

Which services are available in the booking tool?

The booking tool offers several services. Depending on your wishes you can choose for a time critical service (delivery at 9:00, 12:00 or 18:00) or an economy service.

Can I also import shipments?

Yes, you can both import and export shipments through the booking system of Parcel International.

How many shipments can I send each day?

You can send an unlimited number of shipments each day. This may include shipments with different carriers and to and from different addresses.

Is there a minimum amount of shipments that I need to send to be able to use Parcel International?

No, you can use our service even if you have only one shipment.

I have a contract with a carrier can I still use the same carrier?

Yes, you can. The same chauffeur will still come to pick up your shipment, the only difference is that you save money using our booking tool.

Is it true that there are no subscription costs?

Yes, Parcel International works on the concept that you, the customer, only pays for the shipments that you booked. You pay no monthly fees for using our system!

Is there an overall overview of all my shipments?

Yes, when logging in to your account you can click on show all shipments which will give you an overview of all your current shipments. We also offer a tool within the system which can generate an overview in excel of all the bookings done within a certain time period.

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